Dark Skies Follow-Up

Stumbled across a few more starry finds since posting about light pollution on Tuesday.

What Makes a Star Starry?
Gorgeous silk scarf printed from the Suomi NPP satellite’s image of the US at night.

Mesmerising: Dust Cloud Around Earth


via Adventure Journal

“Blue swirls show sea salt whipped off the ocean, red is dust, and white is pollution from volcanic eruptions and burning coal. The rod dots that cover the map represent forest fires burning from both natural and human causes.”

Toddler Tuesdays: Basketball

So this morning it came to my attention that Scout Kid┬ádidn’t know the difference between basketball and baseball. Cue searches on ‘basketball’ and ‘baseball’ on Youtube. We watched lots of inspirational sports videos before breakfast! I am not sure he has a very clear idea what baseball and basketball are even after all that, but we watched this:

… and I’ve been mulling over that question all day now: “Are the habits that you have today on par with the dreams that you have tomorrow?”

(With the answer being, not really, but I’mma work on that.)