Homeschooling: Science: gofindit Sensory Game

GoFindIt! At the State Park

Gofindit At the State Park

From the UK-based Sensory Trust, this little scavenger-hunt card game has been a happy little buy for our family. Basically, it’s a deck of cards featuring all different adjectives- wet, curvy, huge, crunch!, red, etc. With older kids, you could play by the rules: hand each kid five cards and race to find an item that matches each card. For the boys, though, we don’t make it a contest. It’s just a great way to engage with our surroundings, observe, and discover. They even love playing it indoors!

It doesn’t seem to be available in Canada, but for US-based readers, you can grab it through my Amazon Affiliate link here: It’s not particularly cheap given the dismal exchange rate, but it’s open-ended and friendly to all ages, so I’m definitely not worried about getting our money’s worth out of it!


Foundland Fridays: Soap Utopia

This recommendation is close to my heart because I love Canadian-made, and I also love natural beauty products. Soap Utopia makes gorgeous, natural soaps in Oakville, Ontario. I love the Baby Me unscented baby soap for the boys, and Steven and I use the Muskoka Boathouse and Oakmoss scents because they’re nice and unisex (well, they’re unisex if you’re me and you’re not into ultra-feminine, floral scents). I also love the lip-balms, they work better for me than anything I’ve bought at a drugstore (including Burt’s Bees) and have lovely scents. Lily treats her customers well and I won’t buy any other soaps for our family. Four-bar bundles for $22.60 with flat-rate shipping.

Toddler Tuesdays: Tattlys

Here’s my two-year-old sporting some rad temporary ink from Tattly. I ordered two letter sets (as well as some carrots) for my sister’s bachelorette party, and we’ve been having fun with the leftovers.

Temporary tattoos are tons of fun whether you’re two or twenty-four, but what I love about the letter sets is that Scout Kid is learning as we use them. Scout Kid is sporting, along with his whale, the letters of our family’s names. As we picked them out, we practiced the phonetic sounds of each letter, and anytime someone asks about them (because everyone does) he gets to practice their names again. The big thing I’ve noticed him picking up as we apply tattoos (every couple of weeks, there are a lot of letters to get through!) is how his counting is improved. We count aloud to thirty for each application, and Scout Kid has started joining in with me. I was so surprised the first time he piped up “ninedee” after my “eighteen”, but now he’ll count along with me.