Foundland Fridays: "Why Don’t You People Just Get Over It?"

Sometimes I get mailers in my postbox from the Conservative Party of Canada, with happy middle class people putting their kids in sports and arts activities, or getting a home reno credit, or what have you. I always feel saddened at the assumed– or perhaps real– selfishness of myself and people similar to me.

Dear Conservative Party of Canada,
I’m a middle-class woman. I own my own home and car; I buy my kids educational toys and take them to educational activities. I have strong community support from my family and church. I live happily and comfortably– I don’t need¬†any more tax credits. If you want my vote, please, for the love of all that is holy, tell me about what you’re doing for the 42% of native children with no dental care. Take my share of the home renovation tax credit and use it to make up the $2000 deficit in native high schools. I’ll pay for my own kids’ art lessons and you do something about our missing and murdered aboriginal women. Please. I have enough and more than enough to be happy and healthy. Let’s right some of these wrongs.