Advent Activities 2015: December 6th, Sinterklaas & Trimming the Tree



Such a lovely, frosty morning, with the sun clean and bright, and little funny boys so excited to find that Sinterklaas had indeed left “weets!” in their boots this morning. Scout Kid was legitimately not sure if it was pretend after all– the carrot was gone, and goodies were there, and that’s not usually how a pretend game works! (Apparently he forgot all about going with me to the Dutch store to buy said goodies last week…)

After a nice family breakfast, we put on some Christmas music, pulled out the box of ornaments, and had at the tree. This was fun, in a kind of crazy way. The boys loved it, and I don’t mind that 60% of the ornaments are concentrated in the one spot where there was a chair for them. Still, not exactly as peaceful and idyllic as the photos make it look, and Scout Kid was bouncing off the walls in excitement for an hour afterwards!

Now it remains to be seen if they can manage to keep the ornaments on the tree for the next 18 days.

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