Advent Activities 2015: December 5th, Picking Up A Tree (+ Sinterklaas!)

If you’re thinking this photo looks better than usual, that’s because my husband took it. Yet another reason to love the weekend…

Anyhow. Today, we did the first half of two activities, and tomorrow we’ll do the second half of each. First, we drove ’round the corner to the farmer’s market to pick out a “ditmuss dee”, as Feral Kid calls them. The boys loved running around offering tree suggestions, and we brought home a sweet little tree that we’ll decorate tomorrow once the branches settle.

Then, tonight, the boys will put out their little shoes with a carrot in them for Sinterklaas’s horse and in the morning they’ll find them filled with pepernoten, dropjes, and candy hearts. We don’t do Santa Claus at all (we all have stockings hung at my parents’ place that we use as an extra gift repository to open on Christmas morning, and Santa doesn’t really come into it), so this will be the closest they get, and they will always know it’s just a game, but I don’t think that will make it any less magical. Scout Kid is already so excited to put his shoe out, and Feral Kid has been singing “‘Poentje, ‘poentje, ‘poentje…” all around the house.

I’d love to get a book on the historical Saint Nicholas to read for future Christmases, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!


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