Science: Hear Your Heart

I’ve been so looking forward to this activity, checking the Amazon package tracking every day ’til our supplies came. Our supplies are a teaching stethoscope (two earpieces) and this book on the heart. Here’s what we did (and, to be honest, haven’t really stopped doing since; Scout Kid’s a fan!):

-Read through the Hear Your Heart book. It’s a bit above Scout Kid’s comprehension level, but not so much that I couldn’t stop and explain the stuff he didn’t understand. We did skip a few pages in the middle on veins, though.
-Put on our stethoscope and listened to each other’s hearts. Talked about how my heart was slower and his faster.
-Along with the book, felt our heartbeats in our chests and compared our fist sizes to compare our heart sizes.
-Watched this video to get a more visual idea of how the pumping of the heart works.

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