History/Geography: Continents

So for today’s activity we did a little geography. It was not my most favoured activity, so we only spent about 20 minutes on it, but here’s what we did:

-Watched the above video and pointed on the globe to each continent as the girls sang it. Talked about how a continent is a big piece of land, like a big, big, island, with many countries like Canada inside it.
-Printed this map of the world and coloured it in. (I hope that link works, they sometimes don’t.)
-Quickly lost interest in colouring the world and wanted to draw tree forts instead. That’s fine, I guess.
-Then Scout Kid wanted to go play Survivorman in his bedroom. I took him to his room, sang him the continents song one more time pointing at his big wall map in the bedroom, and then we were done for the day.


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