Homeschooling: Geometric Solids

For math today we played with geometric solids. I ordered these Hardwood Geometric Solids from Amazon earlier this month, and they arrived this morning. Once Scout Kid was done his room time and we’d played a rousing game of Croatian soccer/hockey/American football, this is what we did:

-Matched the shapes up with the pictures on this printable 3D shapes chart from here. I wasn’t sure how he’d do, but he did really well. He had trouble distinguishing the cube from the cuboid, and the triangle- vs. square-based pyramids, but otherwise he was able to match them up.
-Building towers and talking about flat and curved sides (mostly due to frustration with the spheres rolling away!) and how the prisms had different shapes as their sides.
-Drawing some objects that looked like the solids on the back of the sheet: tent, ice-cream cone, half an orange. Also drawing stars and beds for our families, you know how it is. He’s only two.

*Disclosure: Amazon links through my Affiliates account.


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